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WWSRA exists to benefit the independent sales rep!

WWSRA only offers membership to individual sales reps who sell winter, outdoor & active lifestyle sports products and live and travel a territory in the western United States. Membership is not transferable. WWSRA does not offer membership to companies or manufacturers.

WW is a membership run association that is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors consisting of independent reps, such as yourself, who travel the Western U.S. in the winter, outdoor & active lifestyle industries. Having a Board of Directors composed of your own working peers ensures that our services are working in the best interest of independent reps.  

Member Benefits

As members of WWSRA, reps are eligible to participate in any WWSRA sponsored event. Registration information is sent out to members and made available online in September. In addition to producing regional rep shows, WWSRA also offers the following services & benefits to its members, as well as invaluable opportunities for networking and camaraderie. Click on each for more information.

Membership Fees

The membership initiation fee is $500 for a 1099 Rep and $750 for a W-2 or Factory Rep and annual dues are $150. WWSRA is a not-for-profit association, membership dues and show fees are the only source of income available to operate the office and produce the shows. All revenue from dues and joining fees are applied directly to show costs or reinvested into the association.

Cost of exhibit space is based on the amount of space used. Costs vary among shows, but are generally charged by the square foot (average is about $3 per square foot). Shows are priced at cost, with an additional $0.80 per square foot allocated to overhead costs, including all office operations, advertising, staff salaries, etc. WWSRA trade events are among the least expensive around! 

After acceptance into WWSRA, a new member is issued a "member number" to track seniority, which, along with timely contracts and past locations, is generally used in assigning booth space at the trade events. Though member numbers and other factors are generally considered, assignment location decisions can be made at the Director's discretion for the betterment of the show.

If you have any questions about WWSRA shows, membership, or benefits please check out the FAQ page, your question may very well be answered there.

WWSRA Membership Benefits - Legal council & Sample Contract

  • Sample forms of independent contract agreements (available upon request from the office)
  • Free advice from a WWSRA attorney. Your first 30 minutes call is paid for by WWSRA. If you are a WWSRA member in good standing, contact us directly to receive information as to how to initiate your free consultation.

Retail Database Services

WWSRA's Retail database is always available to our members. This information can be helpful in expanding your business or in planning a direct mail campaign. The information can be sorted by shop, state, zip code, etc., and you may request the entire retail list or just certain states. Attendee lists from specific events are also readily available to all WWSRA members. 

News and Other Industry Resources

WWSRA is involved with many other Industry groups, including SIA, OR, OIA, USRA, and more. Members receive important industry updates and news, as well as regional information that may be helpful to their business.