Before you fill out the membership application, please be aware of the following:

WWSRA is an Association for the independent and/or factory sales rep, living in and traveling within a specific territory in the Western US!

**Membership is NOT transferable. WWSRA DOES NOT offer memberships to companies, company employees or manufacturers.  I.E. Sales Managers, VP's, company owners, etc. ** This does NOT mean you are uanble to exhibit at our shows it simply means as a manufacturer you are ineligible for a membership and voting rights. To exhibit at our shows as a manufacturer we have a seperate pricing structure, please email Rachel Holden at for additional details. 

We have two membership levels:

Independent Rep - This means you are a 1099 independantly contracted rep, NOT employed by manufacturer/s on a full time W2 basis.  Membership for an indpedent rep is $500, yearly dues is $150.

Factory Rep - This means you are a W2 employee for a manufacturer, however your title and/or job description must be 'sales rep, territory rep, territory account manager', etc. YOU MAY NOT join if you are sales manager, company VP, owner, etc. Membership for an factory rep is $750, yearly dues is $150.
        **Your membership may be paid for by your company, please understand that once you have signed up for membership, regardless of WHO pays for the membership, the membership now belongs to YOU, the sales rep and is NOT transferable, you will be responsible for dues and maintaining the membership regardless of your affiliation with the company in the future. We will require that you put us in touch with your sales manager or company owner to confirm their understanding of this as well. 

In order for us to confirm your membership please email over a copy of the following to

Independent Rep - Copy of business license 
Factory Rep - Copy of business card from company or a letter confirming your employment on company letter head

WWSRA only offers membership to individual and factory sales reps who sell winter, outdoor & active lifestyle sports products and live and travel a territory in the western United States.  

**Again Membership is NOT transferable. WWSRA DOES NOT offer memberships to companies, company employees or manufacturers.  I.E. Sales Managers, VP's, company owners, etc. **

WW is a membership owned Association governed by a volunteer Board of Directors consisting of independent reps such as yourself, working in the best interest of independent/factory reps in the winter sports and outdoor products industry who travel the Western U.S.

If you have questions regarding this policy please or would like to discuss alternative options for exhibiting with WWSRA, please contact Cami Garrison,

Membership to WWSRA is $600 or $850 respectively.  This includes a one time initiation fee of $500 or $750 and your annual dues of $150.  WWSRA's fiscal year run's July 1 through June 30.  Dues renewal each year will be $100, due on or before November 1 of each year. 

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