WWSRA Show Cancellation, Early Breakdown & Contract Pricing Protocol
Indoor Show Cancellation
  • In the event that an indoor show gets cancelled, the following should occur:
    • If cancellation occurs before scheduled move-in date, an email will be sent out to all registered exhibitors stating reason for cancellation along with anticipated reschedule information and dates.   
    • If cancellation occurs after a show has moved in then an announcement will be made in the show halls as to what the situation/emergency is and then a follow up email should be sent out ASAP to exhibitors to include relevant information.
    • Credits/Refunds: Will only be issued in the event that the cancellation was within the control of WWSRA and/or the facility, meaning it was not an act of “God”.  Credits/Refunds will be issued to exhibitors along with an explanation of credit, AFTER credit/refund has been issued to WWSRA from the venue.  For example: The facility decided to shut down the facility for necessary reasons, they issue us a full credit and so does the decorator, then exhibitor will receive a full credit.  However, if the facility cancels the show and they issue a full credit, however the decorator DOES NOT, then we will issue a credit for the space fee, but not the decorating fee.   
On-Snow Demo Cancellation 
  • Along with the Resort, WWSRA staff and BOD will be watching weather leading up to event to ensure that any precautions which need to occur prior to set-up can be communicated accordingly to the exhibitors via email.
  • On-site: WWSRA staff will be in contact with resort staff and lift ops to get info on any weather conditions or situations as they arise.  Communication will begin with any and all BOD members that are present at the event.
  • The following protocol is to be taken in the event of wind and is to be communicated by BOD and WWSRA staff. Onsite it should be communicated by going around the lot and/or stated in every demo move in email that is sent out prior to the event.
    • Remove toppers at 20mph consistent winds
    • Cancel the demo on-site if winds are consistently greater than 25mph
    • Cancel the demo before the event load in if winds are forecasted to exceed 40mph, blizzard like conditions, or where travel becomes severely difficult, dangerous or impossible
Early Breakdown
  • Security will be hired to hand out warnings and notifications if exhibitor is in violation of early breakdown
  • 1st early breakdown violation receives a warning (need a way to indicate this in records), 2nd time exhibitor receives a $250 fine and at risk of losing show placement in future shows. Exhibitors agree to these terms when they initial the box on their contracts and fees are charged immediately.
  • Early breakdown guidelines: Organization of and packing of product is allowed, however breaking down of structure, use of tape or removing items from booth will result in warning and subsequent fine.
Contract Pricing Structure

After the date of the contract deadline, booth space pricing will increase as follows: 
  • 1 - 30 days past contract deadline - $50 increase in cost
  • 31 - 45 days past contract deadline - $75 increase in cost 
  • Within 2 weeks of INDOOR show set-up date - $100 increase in cost
  • All demo contracts turned off 2 weeks prior to setup date, late fees to still apply
  • Exceptions are made on a case-by-case basis due to emergencies etc or if communication occurred before contract deadline.